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Posted on 04-18-2017

Protect Your Pet Through Parasite Prevention in Park Hills, KY!

Spring and summer are prime times for rapid growth in flea and tick populations. Before these parasites attach themselves to your pet and make him miserable, take a proactive approach to flea and tick infestations by bringing your pet to our Park Hills animal hospital for topical and oral products effective for repelling blood-sucking parasites. Pet preventative care essential for warmer weather also includes updating vaccinations, getting monthly heartworm medications and stocking up on shampoo designed to keep your pet's fur and skin clean, soft and health.

Dog receiving parasite prevention

How You Can Help Protect Your Pet from Parasitical Infestations in Park Hills

Your veterinarian in Park Hills offers the following tips for protecting dogs and cats from summertime parasites:

  • Watch your pet closely to recognize signs of excessive clawing, biting and scratching behavior. "Hot spots" or bald, irritated patches may develop indicating flea infestations, scabies or allergic dermatitis caused by parasites
  • Check your pet's fur using a flea comb after walking your dog or if he is outside for any length of time. Brush fur to remove any insects or plant debris that may be harboring parasites
  • Rinse animals suffering severe flea/tick infestations with special "dips" containing ingredients for killing fleas and ticks
  • Have your pet groomed professionally once every six weeks if he spends a lot of time outdoors
  • Weed and mow your lawn more than you normally do during peak growing times (especially May through July)
  • Wash pet bedding and rugs your pet lays on weekly. Vacuum furniture thoroughly at least once a week if you allow your pet on furniture

Parasite Prevention is Also Disease Prevention

Bringing your pet to our animal hospital in Park Hills for parasite prevention services means ensuring your pet remains healthy and disease-free during spring and summer. Fleas and ticks can cause a variety of bacterial or viral diseases that can make your pet extremely ill. In addition, the intense itching caused by skin parasites will lead to scabs, hair loss, sore spots and serious skin infections.

Contact Your Park Hills Veterinarian Today

Call our Park Hills animal hospital today to schedule an appointment for your pet to receive appropriate parasite prevention medications.

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